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Afghan Transit Cargo Via Pakistan

MEPL offers services via Pakistan, passing through Torkham, Chaman, and Wahgah International border to Afghanistan and CIS countries by road. MEPL handles all moves, either commercial or noncommercial. MEPL has cordial relations and solid partnerships for the movement of Afghan cargo. The local support ensures that the shipment gets to its destination without delay.

MEPL has a strong team in the Karachi office that handles all of the Afghanistan Transit shipments within the shortest period and avoids any delays. The current Pakistan government has confined some commodities that became the reason for smuggling in the past. MEPL strictly looks upon these matters. The Karachi office provides local support regarding the transit of shipments. We carry all these commercial and noncommercial services via the Torkham International border.

In short, MEPL can manage freight services in critical areas, which determines our strong network at the international level. We have an experienced team working in Pakistan that copes with Afghanistan in strict schedules. All this is because of the aim of providing reliable freight forwarding solutions.


MEPL offers the following service in Afghan Transit Cargo:

  • Warehousing: MEPL offers a warehousing facility in Afghanistan region. In this regard, MEPL International Pakistan, with its office located in Karachi, also provides its support. MEPL warehouses are strategically located. With its wide network, MEPL has also integrated with 3rd parties to provide warehouse support at strategic locations.
  • Package tracking/tracing: MEPL though its head quarter located in Dubai, and a regional office located in Karachi, provides all the support for package tracking/tracing. MEPL support team is available around the clock for support of their customers
  • Permission and Documentation: MEPL also offers documentation support in the Afghanistan region. Even a small mistake or error in documentation can prove to be very troublesome if we are talking about custom clearance. If it is the Afghanistan region, then the problem increases manifolds. The document for logistics can include a commercial invoice, certificate of origin, inspection certificate, export license, packing list, and many more. The Karachi office provides all the support for shipment clearance across the Afghanistan border.
  • Survey inspection: MEPL, with its strong network and local support, also provides in-service service inspection. It can provide third-party support to examine the condition of the goods or transport equipment and provide support in this regard.