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Air Freight Solutions

MEPL holds great experience in handling global air shipments. Considering the experience in the market over the years, we work along the best GCA agents and own AWB stocks. We provide cost-effective solutions with strict no compromise on standards. With cost-effective solutions for across the global; schedules/routes are provided to cater to your requirements.

  • On-board Air Cargo Service: As a part of air freight service, MEPL offers an onboard air cargo service. This provides the fastest possible delivery time. The shipment in a courier hand can fly to any destination globally. This service makes the air cargo immediately available upon arrival.
  • MEPL provides flexibility in the choice of plane depending upon the nature of the shipment. Generally, the shipment transported by air can be categorized into general and special air cargo. General cargo includes machinery and hardware, consumer and retail goods, electronics, textiles, clothing, etc
  • The special cargo includes heavyweight and over-dimensional items, hazardous materials, temperature-controlled items, etc. Considering the MEPL's strong relationships with multiple carriers give the client great flexibility in choosing the different type of aircraft depending upon the requirements.
  • Ground transportation options: MEPL also offers ground transportation options integrated with air freight service. Integration of air freight service with ground transportation options like rail and ground make it more efficient to ship nationally and internationally. MEPL has a whole network of trusted ground transporter partners who ensure secure and timely delivery of the items. / And as we are growing to have our own complete fleet.
  • Delivery of time-bound shipments: MEPL provides a range of flexible options, which allows the client to choose the delivery speed that best suits the customer's requirement. As MEPL works with a range of carriers, this allows the customers to plan with certainty and meet the deadlines effectively.
  • Air-Sir Freight: As a part of sea freight service, MEPL also offers a multimodal model that is Air–Sea freight. This multimodal model is the ideal combination of cost and speed. For example, goods to be transported from Shanghai to Europe by sea will require a lot of time, and transporting goods by air may cost you much.
  • Flexibility in delivery choices: MEPL offers flexibility in delivery choices. A range of delivery choices is available like door-to-door service, airport-to-airport service, etc., depending upon the requirement.
  • Perishable goods transportation:MEPL also offers service for perishable goods transportation. Perishable goods can deteriorate if not transported or not stored in the ideal environment. MEPL holds the capability in packing, storing, and transporting perishable goods

This is the reason (number of clients) have put their trust in us as their leading partners. We keep maintaining our freight services accordingly to quickly atabe to rapid changes in either technology or in governance which strives us to aim to be your sole preference for air cargo forwarders.