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Freight Forwarding Solution

MEPL, as a logistic company, provides freight forwarding solutions for companies that make the import and export process seamless. The complexity of International freight demands a solid relationship with an experienced freight forwarding company, and here is where MEPL provides all the support. MEPL experts work and plan long journeys as per customer requirements with multiple carriers. MEPL always provides strategically viable freight forwarding solutions that are client accordingly. Experts at our firm discuss the whole operation with the clients and always take pride in going the extra mile.

MEPL as a freight forwarding solution provider takes care of all the importing and exporting requirements; it ensures that all the goods reach safely and timely. Considering the complexity of International freight, a delay in one part of the journey has a knock-off effect that can cause delays in shipment and eventually cause a loss in future business.


Moreover, in international shipment, there are also many practical considerations. MEPL, as a freight forwarder, performs these crucial duties on the customer's behalf, leaving the customer to continue running and expanding his business.

MEPL has a team of experts who are very experienced in the subject of the supply chain. This enables them to meet tight deadlines and create an organized system for delivering goods. This also enables them to handle unforeseen obstacles such as rerouted services and delayed goods. Having (number of years) experience in the market makes us your Go-To partners. Client consultation and planning is our vital organ

  • MEPL engages with vast ocean carrier companies, air freight transporters, and truck companies to get the best rates.
  • MEPL experts can help you get the fastest route for your goods to be delivered. MEPL works closely with shipping lines to ensure the timely delivery of all goods using the fastest route available. Surveying and optimizing routes help us to navigate the plan
  • Clearance of documents is very critical in international freights. Even a small error can cause delays due to custom clearance issues. MEPL experts ensure that the documentation is complete and the goods travel smoothly through customs. Implementation and documentation keeps our functions intact
  • MEPL provides excellent customer services to ensure a streamlined process by engaging and forming relationships with global agents
  • MEPL assists at all levels of shipping, from packing to the warehouse, inventory management, and customs
  • MEPL provides more freedom in the choice of carriers.
  • MEPL experts can identify the potential risks during shipment and the value of the goods. As MEPL has a relationship with many companies, they can give the best advice to place your risk with the right provider.
  • MEPL has no weight limits for shipment.
  • MEPL provides tremendous packaging solutions so that your goods are not damaged during shipment