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MEPL provides state-of-the-art dedicated and multi-user warehousing solutions meeting the customer’s specific requirements offering flexibility and scalability. MEPL warehouses are located at strategic locations which are approachable and suitable for cargo from any sector.

MEPL working is intended to satisfy our clients completely, and that's why it offers state-of-the-art warehousing facilities. MEPL offers a wide range of services with warehouses located in Dubai, Sharjah, Jebel Ali, and Karachi. MEPL warehouses offer a wide range of services depending upon customer requirements.

  • Free Zone storage:To reduce barriers to international that exist due to customs formalities, free zone storage is made. Within these free zones, the non-community goods are not considered in the customs territory and are therefore not subject to import duties. MEPL offers free zone storage at strategic locations so the items can be shipped internationally without customs duty.
  • Custom bonded Warehousing:MEPL also offers a custom bonded warehousing service. In this way, imported goods can be stored so that further manufacturing and associated activities like packing, labeling, etc., can be carried out.
  • The customs duty of the items subject to further processing is deferred at the time of import. The customs duty on the subject items will be applicable only when the items are being cleared for home consumption. When items are directly exported, then no custom duty will be payable. This MEPL custom bonded warehousing service is very suitable for manufacturers and exporters and an specialty for MEPL.
  • Cross stuffinging:In today's world, cross stuffing is an integral part of any logistic solution. However, if mishandled, it can cause damage to products which needs to be avoided. MEPL has an experienced and properly trained team that ensures that all the products are reloaded smartly, and no damage is being done. MEPL ensures that cross stuffing process is efficiently monitored, managed, and prepared from the start until the shipment reaches its destination
  • Handling LCL Boxes:Handling LCL (Less than container) boxes with safety. In this regard, MEPL teams get all the necessary information from the customer like origin, destination, cargo dimensions, weight, other special requirements, etc. The shipment is packed according to its nature and is consolidated with other LCL shipments accordingly. MEPL team ensures that no damage is being done during this process.
  • Transshipment Cargo:MEPL also provides services in transshipment of cargo. MEPL expert team is fully trained to deal with unloading, storing and loading of goods to reach their destination. Considering the sensitivity of this process, MEPL team provides all the support and is totally engaged from the point to origin till the shipment reaches its destination.